List of Works (2011-)


String Quartet No.5: Time Motor, string quartet;

The Emperor’s Soliloquy, guitar and alto saxophone;

Urban Construction, 2 vibraphones, 2 marimbas and a dancer;

Zerstreutes Hinausschaun, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and orchestra.


String Quartet No.3 Plus: Yuji, guzheng and string quartet;

Click, harp, loop machine and tape;

Journey to the West, Chinese orchestra;

Metamorphosis, large orchestra;

String Quartet No.4 Plus: Emperor, harmonica and string quartet;

The Ant. Symphonic band;

Wind Quintet No.1: Eagle Eyes. Wind quintet;

Christmas Rhapsody. Baritone, children’s choir, symphonic band. 


String Quartet No.2: Territory, string quartet;

String Quartet No.1: BE, string quartet;

Interstice, string quartet;

Tide, Chinese ensemble;

Letters: Five Miniatures for Nine Saxophones, saxophone ensemble;

Concrete, saxophone and piano;

Yi, guzheng solo.


Ode to Birth, symphonic band;

Peninsula, saxophone octet;

《烏衣巷》Wuyixiang, SATB choir;

《彳亍叮叮》Chikchok Dingding, 6-part female choir;

《孤雁兒》Guyianer, 6-part female choir;

Day and Night, guzheng trio.


Skyscraper, orchestra;

Maze, symphonic band;

Three, violin, saxophone, piano and string orchestra;

Resonance from an Unreachable End, Chinese ensemble;

The Bay, 6-part female choir;

Tube, piano solo.


City, symphonic band;

Prelude to 1830, symphonic band;

The Unspoken Chant, saxophone and piano.


The Indefinite Garden, symphonic band;

The Discourse Upon Warlords, chamber ensemble;

Resonantia, percussion quartet;

Psalm 61, SATB choir;

A Mournful Cry, guzheng solo;

Resonance from the Parallel, electrouacoustic.